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3D scanner integrated with Geomagic Studio software Complex solution for creating precisse and accurate 3D CAD models by using 3D scanner: Fully automatic creating of point cloud and parametric surfaces (NURBS), Advanced point cloud editing, Short time of data processing

Brand: SmartTech 3D
Any configuration of measurment volume size. Both, using automatic point cloud marker matching and also possibility to use automatic numeric control table, allows to measure easily, object in any size. That revolutionary system was created for fully integration of measure and data editing in the highest class reverse engineering software – Geomagic Studio. Close cover, ISA system and professional transport cases, enables full mobility for Scan3D Surface system.

 Technical specification

Scanning TechnologyStructural White Light
Detector resolution10; 5; 2 Mpix
Measuring field [mm2]150×200 – 1200×1600
Distance between points [mm]0,04 – 0,40
Sampling rate [points/mm2]5 – 330
Nuber of points from one scan2 – 10 milions
Texture scanning+
Time of scanning1 – 10 sec