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Kreon ACE Plus Skyline

ACE + Arm

Brand: Kreon
Category: Scanning Arms
The ACE range comprises two models: the ACE and the ACE+ measuring arm. Working with the latest encoder technology, the ACE+ arm also boasts an advanced calibration method, ensuring exceptional levels of performance.
Technical Specification 

Ace+ 7 axis

Arm modelE UniP SizeP FormL DiaSPAT
Ace+7-250.033 mm0.012 mm0.022 mm0.047 mm0.025 mm
Ace+7-300.057 mm0.017 mm0.030 mm0.074 mm0.039 mm
Ace+7-350.067 mm0.021 mm0.037 mm0.089 mm0.045 mm
Ace+7-400.084 mm0.026 mm0.042 mm0.105 mm0.054 mm
Ace+7-450.105 mm0.040 mm0.051 mm0.114 mm0.067 mm

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